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New  design, optimal for make  and repair bowstrings and cables.
Truly adjustable thread tensión, either the serving material in thin or thick.  
3mm eye. No matter the serving diameter. Thin or thick. It will never go out.
Separate Head, with rounded corners for operating comfortably.
Ceramic Guide for extends the body support life.
The rigid frame does not bend when winding.
Independent spool/friction rotation discs.
The Polished stainless steel tension axis makes thread transition super smooth.
Stainless Steel axis. Super rigid reel support with one cone-end for easy spool assembly.
Tension discs with different hardnesses.   SOFT (blue) for thin serving materials, MEDIUM (red) for thin-medium and GRAY for thick serving materials.
Not serving damages when winding.
Large Diameter knobs. More sensitive and precise adjustment of the thread tensión when winding.
Compatible with american ( BCY and Brownell)  and FLEX reels.  Empty reels available for re-winder thread materials.
Multiple color combinations for quick and easy find.
Free serving thread sample included.

Flex Archery I-winder

Flex Archery