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Available in two (2) sizes, small 1cm and large 1.4 cm.
Split for easy mounting on string. (Can be closed with Zing! Adhesive)
Remarkably soft, yet unbreakable.
Contoured to fit the lips.
Use under or over the nock to insure perfect release when used with a release aid.

What is a Kisser Button?
A kisser button is a small disc shaped object with a hole in the center that is attached to the bowstring and used as an anchor point reference.
(see below) Many archers feel this gives them a more consistent anchor thus improving their accuracy.

Anchor point
An archer, to ensure consistency, must pull the bow to the same point on every shot. Failure to do so will result in inconsistent results and poor grouping. An anchor point may be different for each archer. Many archers use two points of reference that make up their anchor point. An example of a dual anchor point might be; a kisser button touching the corner of the mouth and the back of their hand touching the earlobe.

Instructions for Installing your Soft Kisser Button From Flex-Fletch
There are 3 things to consider when installing a kisser button.
Placement: installing the Kisser button in the proper place on the string.
Closing the split: glue the split closed with a quality adhesive
Anchoring the Kisser Button: the kisser must be anchored in place on the string preventing movement.

open the split and place the kisser button on the string using your best guess as to where it should be.
Draw the bow, aim and note where the kisser touches your face.
Let the bow down and adjust the position of the kisser.
Do this until you have found a comfortable place where the kisser button rests, depending on your particular form this will usually be the corner of the mouth or general vicinity.  Mark the spot above and below the kisser with masking tape or a magic marker.

Closing the split:
This requires gluing the split closed, Flex-Fletch recommends Zing!
HD a quick-set adhesive, or Flex-Bond, a solvent based flexible adhesive. 
Flex-Bond should be allowed no less than 24 hours to cure. 
Other acceptable glues include Goat Tuff impact glue or any superglue advertised as “Toughened” or “Rubberized”; these glues have an additive that allows the glue some degree of flexibility when fully cured. 
Place a small amount of glue in the split and close, holding the kisser button closed until it remains closed on its own. 
You may also hold the kisser button closed using tape.

Anchor the kisser button:
The quick and easy way to accomplish this is to use string nocks. 
These are small, plastic lined, brass “C” shapes with that clamp on the string and are available in three sizes. 
String nocks are available at your local archery shop. 
Archery shops use special pliers for this but you may use standard pliers if you are careful to clamp the string nock evenly.
You may also serve the kisser button in place. 
This technique is too involved to describe here so I would suggest searching www.youtube.com for how to serve a peep sight. 
The technique used is the same for a kisser button.

Flex-Fletch Kisser

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