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The QuikSpin is a revolutionary new vane that optimizes spin, maximizes accuracy, and produces tighter arrow groups than you ever thought were possible.
QuikSpin rotates arrows up to 300% faster than conventional plastic vanes and over 100% faster than feathers.
Made from durable toughened plastic that bonds in seconds, QuikSpin is designed for trouble-free and incredibly accurate shooting.

Is the Quikspin Vane really that good?
Yes! The Quikspin is the most accurate vane ever. The Quikspin stabilizes your arrow out of the bow far quicker than with conventional vanes.
Will the Speed Hunter 2” vane stabilize my broadheads?
Unlike conventional vanes, the Quikspin works better the smaller the vane gets. The 2” Speed Hunter will work fantastic with any broadhead, fixed or mechanical, no matter what. This is the vane that everyone is using to increase their accuracy.
Can I shoot this vane using my Biscuit rest?
The Quikspin ST Super Tough material works excellent with Biscuit style rests. That rest will not tear up the Quikspin vanes.
Which way should I fletch the Quikspin?
The Quikspin is designed to be fletched dead straight to a slight right hand straight offset. DO NOT fletch them helical. A dead straight vane will stabilize the arrow better than a helical feather and work extremely well from 20 yards to 100 yards. Some people do fletch them with a slight RH offset, that’s also excellent for people shooting 20 to 40 yards.
What glue should I use to fletch with?
The QuikSpin works best with fast setting super glue style adhesives. Any glue that says cyanoacrylate as an ingredient is a fast acting super glue. The slow setting glues work as well; just make sure to clean off the foot of the vane first with alcohol or acetone before gluing. Again with super glue adhesives Quikspin Vane Weights.

Here are the weights of the Quikspin vanes
1.5” weighs 3 grains each
2.25” weighs 5 grains each
2” Speed Hunter weighs 6.5 grains each
3.13” weighs 7 grains each
4” weighs 11.5 grains each

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