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Like EVERY jig in the Tower® line, the Impulse™ Tower® Jig is the most precise way to fletch 3 Impulse™ vanes perfectly, simultaneously and easily.
The Impulse™ Tower® Jig fletches 3 Impulse™ vanes (either 3” or 4”) at once, placing the vanes 120° apart and at a 1° helical.
The fletching arms are interchangeable with the existing Tower® models, and are available for purchase separately if you already have a Tower® Jig.
The Impulse™ Arms are specifically designed to hold the thinner hybrid material used in the Impulse™ vanes.
The Impulse™ Tower® includes the Standard Post, Pin-Nock Post and F-Nock Post, 2 clamp rings for small (x10) to large (fat boy) shaft sizes, and clamp release tape.

Bohning Impulse Vane Tower Fletcher

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