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The "Cruizer" is a very stiff, vibration resistant bar that is a perfect match for the archer wanting a smooth feel.
This blend of stiffness and feel is achieved with the bar constructed from a proprietary outer layer of 100% high modulus carbon.
AAE's new "Cruizer" and "Nitrous" stabilizers offer benefits and features unlike any other stabilizer on the market.
The bars have a small .700" O.D. that is as stiff as the top tournament bars available, and have internal dampening for a smooth shot. 
Both models also feature a Hidden Weight System.
Each Front Bar comes with a 1 oz. cap and a 2 oz. internal insert.
The standard 1 oz. black cap can hold two additional hidden brass weights, for a total of 5 oz.  the optional 4 oz. stainless steel cap increases the front weight capacity to 9 oz. without ever changing the O.D. of the bar.
This greatly reduces the wind profile of the stabilizer.

AAE Hot Rodz Cruizer Long Stabilizer

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