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#1 for arrows with smaller diameter (e.g. Carbon, Aluminum-Carbon,..)
#2 for arrows with bigger diameter (e.g. Aluminum, Carbon with bigger diameter,..)

The Beiter Balance Clip is a small, but important tool.
It helps to determine the balance point of the arrow and allows to easily calculate the F.O.C. (=front of center), the percentage of the balance point from the mid of the arrow.

To do this, simply clip in the Balance Clip on the arrow and move it until you find the point of balance.
Measure the distance in mm from the balance point to the arrow point (=S) and the overall arrow length (=L).

Distance point of balance to arrow point (S) in mm 
Arrow length Nockgroove to point (L) in mm 
= F.O.C in % 

Following the calculation formula of the F.O.C in %:
FOC %=((L/2)-S) *100/L
e.g. L=780, S=290 is a F.O.C. of 12,82%
With the Balance Clip not only you can determine the balance point of a single arrow, but also the difference in balance of a series of arrows.
Simply measure every balance point on each arrow of your series (dozen) with a pencil.
Align the arrows and you will see, if the lines you have marked on the shaft are all on the same height!

Beiter Balance Clip

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