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Recurve & Bare Bow riser
Forged and then milled from an Aluminum 6061 T6 bar
Matte surface anodized colors
Limbs alignment system
Steel electro pl ated limbs bolts
Stainless steel front long rod bushing, 5716-24 tapped
Fluo Yellow 3D printed Plastic medium grip
3x Fluo Yellow caps pairs covering weights holes
2 front and 1 back short stabs holes, 5/16-24 tapped
Approx. 1240 gr total
Can accept Covers and grips from G1 riser system
Available colors: Blue (BL), Grey (GY), Black (BK), Purple (PR), Red (RD), Orange (OG)
Packing includes long clicker plate, warranty card, manual,5 Allen wrenches,5 x M4 stainless steel screws

Gillo G2 25" Riser

Gillo Gold Medal
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