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The exciting world of crossbow shooting shouldn’t be limited by size; that’s why PSE has re-engineered its 2015 crossbow line to deliver the new PSE Vector™ 310.

With its efficient design and two-turn weight adjustment, the Vector™ 310 is the perfect solution for youth and female shooters, or anyone looking for a high-performance, compact crossbow.
But don’t let its size fool you, the Vector delivers a bolt at 310 fps and is built with a fully-machined, 3 lb. precision trigger system, an upgraded cam system, and built-in string stops.

Vector™ 310 Package Includes:
4X32 Scope
Anti-Dry Fire & Auto Safety Trigger (3 lb. pull)
3-20″ Charger™ Carbon Bolts with half-moon nocks
3- 85gr Bullet points
Cocking Rope
5 Bolt Quiver
Rail Lube
Foot Stirrup

PSE Vector Camo Crossbow

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