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Designed by Reo Wilde, the most comfortable and shootable release you can put in your hand.
All models utilize the same head and micro adjustable speed dial due to their very popular demand.
Each model handle slightly differs in the taper which is much more drastic and starts higher/closer to the center of the release, allowing the tip of the last finger to be ergonomically fitting/positioned.
A smooth index finger location for those who allow the release to spin or pivot on the index finger.
Additionally, a slightly heavier groove track has been incorporated on the second and third fingers to provide more grip and added control.
An important feature is the fact that the last finger has been moved forward about 0.140" for increased leverage and increased contact with the handle allowing for quicker and smoother shot sequences.
A subtle sweep of the handle keeps the fingers nice and tight to the release, making them feel stable and in their natural position.
Multiple position thumb post.
Quicksilver finish; corrosion resistant electroless brushed nickel plated brass.Excellent hinge release designed by Reo Wilde, that's a good choice for target archers.
The Quicksilver finish will keep the release from getting gummed up.

Tru Ball HBC 3-Finger Quicksilver Release

Tru Ball
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