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The All Seasons Set is the ideal choice for archers who want to shoot both indoors and outdoors in a variety of lighting conditions.

Brown, Purple, Orange, Light Blue

1 Pair of temples
6 Lens zip-up hard case
Pack of two detachable slimline nose pads
X Sight microfibre cleaning cloth
X Sight drawstring case
X Sight iron on logo patch
Instruction manual
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The All Seasons Set includes the following 4 lenses:

Brown Lens

✓ 11% Light Transmission
✓ Bright light conditions
✓ Outdoor shooting

The darkest of all our lenses makes this lens particularly good during intense luminosity and when shooting directly into the sun.
The low light transmittance level really helps to reduce eye strain and fatigue to maintain a relaxed optical shooting experience all day long.
This lens also improves the clarity and vibrancy of colours and objects whilst the blue light blocking red pigments enhance your perception of the gold.

Purple Lens

✓ 30% Light Transmission
✓ Medium light conditions
✓ Outdoor shooting

The stunning purple lens is designed to neutralise and darken green backgrounds whilst increasing colour and target definition to make the target pop.
Effective during changing light conditions and an all-round excellent lens for glare reduction.
The striking purple lens is also one of the best lenses for relaxing your eyes and minimising strain through long periods of shooting.

Orange Lens

✓ 41% Light Transmission
✓ Medium to low light conditions
✓ indoor & outdoor shooting

The subtle vibrancy of the orange lens increases the ambient brightness in low to medium light without losing definition or depth of field.
The increase in colour contrast produces increased depth perception and better visual clarity between objects when focussing on the target at distance.
Blue light blockers improve your awareness of reds and yellows to generate a more distinct target centre.

Light Blue Lens

 ✓ 56% Light Transmission
✓ Low light conditions
✓ Indoor & outdoor shooting

Designed for low lighting conditions and indoor shooting.
The light blue lens filters red light which reduces the brightness of reds to help the yellow pop for an intensified focus on the gold.
The light blue lens reflects glare from artificial indoor lighting to create a desirable, relaxed optical shooting experience in low light and indoors.

X Sight Pro Performance Archery Glasses All Seasons Set

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