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The Ultimate Noise & Hand Shock Suppression System with Balance Control.

The new AWS Modular Stabilizer incorporates skeletonized NAVCOM and Reaction Mass technology, which is designed to achieve the highest level of vibration control in the industry today.

This new system includes an innovative sliding weight for fine tuning the balance point of your bow, and the weight section is designed to move anywhere on the stabilizer frame.
The modular design allows you to reconfigure the elements by removing or adding nodes for customizing length, weight preferences, and personal look.

Innovative Adjustable Weight System
Reduces Vibration, Hand-Shock & Bow Torque
Modular Design Promotes Maximum Versatility
NAVCOM Reaction Mass Technology
Improves Consistency & Shootability

SVL AWS Modular 9.5" Stabilizer

LimbSaver SVL
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