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The Covert Bloodshed delivers awesome power, superior performance and shoots at 360 feet-per-second.
Featuring a lightweight, responsive stock design with Bullpup trigger, it has a shorter overall length, while the compact, powerful 13.5-inch cocked front end, means this crossbow is built to maneuver in the field.
Weighing only 7.1 pounds, the Covert Bloodshed features a thin extruded barrel and lightweight machined riser.
The CNC-machined trigger box and precision components limit trigger creep, and deliver a clean-break trigger pull of 3.5 pounds, for consistent shooting.

Compact billet aluminum CNC riser and slim-line bow design that is a narrow 13.5" when cocked.
Modular Picatinny mounting system, with a folding foregrip for customized fit and increased accuracy.
CNC-machined trigger box delivers clean break.
Includes 1" recoil pad for improved shock absorption.
Includes SilenTech™ Coating, a rubber-like exterior finish that reduces vibration and dampens sound on crossbows for improved and quieter hunting in the field.

Features Mayhem® 20" crossbolts with moon nocks.
Premium grade carbon 420 grain bolt (includes 100 grain field point).
All 20" Carbon Express® crossbolts are compatible with the Covert Bloodshed.

Carbon Express Bloodshed 175 Crossbow

Carbon Express
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