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Combining the best of both Revolution and Revolution B.B. SPIGA offers The REV².

While the central layer remains the same one of the news resides in using a weighted back part, for a higher solidity strength and an improved stability.
The bar toward the target is threaded in order to allow the archer to add the special Revolution additional weight.
This new unique set up adapts perfectly to both olimpic recurve and bare bow shooters.
The assembling screws have been redesigned with a new material for an overall increased structural strength all along the shot cycle.
The grip is also redesigned and gives a better fits.
And the icing on the cake a brand new color palette for a modern dark elegant riser ready to parade down the archery fields all over the world.

Complete with magnetic arrowrest ZT, clicker, wooden grip, two bushings for the long rod, limbs alignement system.

Spigarelli Rev2 25" Riser

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