W&W WiaWis Nano TFT 25" Riser

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25 inches
Carbon graphite / Nano carbon

The brand new WIAWIS NANO TFT riser takes a new step forward in Win&Win's nano carbon technology.
The Nano TFT has a special H-BEAM shaped frame inside the carbon body which helps eliminate torque.

This increased rigidity through the sight window of the riser which also improving riser performance.

We analysed the forces the bow experiences during the shot and added the H-Beam 'Torque Free System' to minimize torque at the moment of shooting.

TFS is...

increasing rigidity at the sight window.
This reduces torque and vibration while also increasing stability during the shot.
We tested these characteristics against other risers.
We balanced the shock evenly over the whole riser to optimise the performance of the NANO TFT.