MD-50 Gear Archers Fingers Release Trainer

MD-50 Gear
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Archer's Fingers Release Trainer
MD-50 Gear’s Archer’s Fingers Release Trainer is designed to help relieve or cure target panic through repetitive reinforcement.
Isolate your release technique and address shot execution problems while mirroring exactly you and your bow specs.
The Fingers Release Trainer can be CUSTOM set to your draw length and hold weight by utilizing the Fingers Release Sizing Chart.
Recommenced by NASP coaches to replace the string bow, giving a more really stick feel.
Take your own release and this trainer where ever you go.
Great for all levels of archers, especially those in the NASP Program.

Replaces the string bow, allowing a more really stick feel
Custom fit to you and your desired Hold Weight by using our Sizing Chart
Easy to use, draw and release like your bow
NASP shooters can practice anywhere and any time
Focus on form and technique with hundreds of releases, improving at a greater speed
Train new archers on proper release technique
Available two different strengths:

10 Lb. Max Draw - recommended for lighter bow strings (Genesis)
20 LB. Max Draw- recommended for heavier bow strings