MD-50 Gear Archers Release Trainer

MD-50 Gear
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The new release trainer, with wrist strap, is designed help you perfect the perfect shot execution.
The Archer's Release Trainer allows for quick and easy adjustment of draw length and desired release tension.
Full-draw tension is fully adjustable, allowing you to easily match your hold weight poundage and draw length, helping to focus on form and technique.
Made of the same high quality materials as the original Archer's Shot Saver, the Archer's Release Trainer is a great addition to the MD50 Gear collection of preparation tools and equipment.
This trainer is perfect for individuals, professionals, and hunter safety instructors to improve form and train without the potential of dry fires.

Easy to use. Just draw like your bow.
Eliminate dry fire damage risk
Adjustable to match desired release tension, hold weight
Easily train new archers on proper release technique
Eliminate target panic and shot execution problems through repetition
Isolate release technique drills
Same D loop materials as your bow
Perform hundreds of practice releases quickly
99.9% protein free natural latex tubing
Made in the USA
Remember to read the instructions on your Archer's Release Trainer before use!