Gillo GQ L 25" Riser

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25” length, RH version only
Machined from solid Aluminum bar
Matte sandblasted anodized surface
Aluminum Limbs alignment plates
Special round seats for optional balancing weights
Gold color Titanium Nitride coated Steel limbs bolts
Hard wood Walnut color (Matte,one color versions) , Wood or 3D printed wood (LH version)
3 front stabs bushings, 2 back stabs bushings, all made by Stainless Steel Gold color Titanium Nitride coated
Front center stabilizer bushing 1mm off from axis for perfect balance
Approx. 1310gr total weight
Packing includes long clicker plate, Manual with Warranty card,GRS-03 riser protection sleeve and 5 Allen wrenches