VaporTrail Gen 7 Limb Driver Rest

  • Beschrijving

The Gen 7 was built off of the original limb driven system, with a redesigned bushing system for smoother operation.
Its containment system is a carbon fiber substrate with a rubber overmold.
The rubber overmold is pass-through - it is included in the core of the containment system and dampens sound/vibration on your bow.
The side-loading gate in the cage will accommodate nearly all sizes of arrows.
The interchangeable containment system allows you to easily switch up the look of your setup without having to retune!
No gears, no locks, no brakes, no levers, no switches, no problems! Get yourself a Gen 7 arrow rest today!

Included Hardware: Arrow Rest, Limb Pad, SHAG Pad, Riser Bolt, Activation Cord.