Stan Element TL 4-Finger Heavy Metal Release

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The NEW ElementTL is the second release in STAN’s® lineup to use the Smokin’ XTM sears;
it comes in both medium and large sizes as well as three and four finger configurations.
Whether your shooting a light draw weight for indoors or a heavy 3D setup, the ElementTL offers extreme repeatability with the reliability and consistency you can only find in a STAN®.

Like anything worth having, STAN’s:® Smokin’XTM sears were a long time coming.
Theory alone will not result in a design that is repeatable.
Only painstaking craftsmanship and revision after revision will get you there and with the Smokin’ XTM sears we took our time.
Consistency is key with a resistance release and the Smokin’ XTM sears deliver a very tight +/- 1/8 lbs from shot to shot and have an operating range from holding weights as low as 9 lbs and up to 29 lbs.