Stan SX3 4-Finger Release

  • Beschrijving

The SX3 is built around the silkpath sear and come in both medium and large sizes as well as three and four finger configurations.
The SX3 is built in the tradition of it’s predecessor the SX2 but incorporates the company’s new, patent pending Trainer LockTM technology.
The gentle handle sweep offers slightly more leverage than the shootoff! models.
Like the name implies, silkpathTM sears are silky smooth yet their enhanced and hardened 440C stainless steel construction makes them brutally tough.
They’re finished with our proprietary polishing process and set in place by experienced craftsmen to ensure years of reliable service.
The hallmark of silkpathTM sears is their infinite adjustability.
They offer huge trigger travel and tension adjustability without having to fumble with changing any springs.