Ripcord Drive Cage Arrow Rest

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Simplicity, dependability and repeatableaccuracy in a limb driven rest.
Stays up longer on the shot to fully stabilize the arrow, then falls fast to eliminatefletching contact for increased accuracy.
Ball Bearing Drive System:
Precision ball bearing drive offers smooth operation and unmatched accuracy with internal dampening system to minimize noise.
Lock your arrow in the full capture cage and its not getting out until you set it free.
Incorporates a Whale Tail launcher arm for precise arrow position at a moments when its go time.
Adjustable Launcher Angle:
The adjustable Launcher Angle helps customize tuning or allows use of a blade for target archery.
Easy Cord Tension Adjustment:
Attach cord to either top or bottom limb.
Adjust cord tension in seconds.
Easy Installation:
No bow press needes, no serving necessary.