Flex Archery Dynagen String Thread

Flex Archery
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DynaGen™ material with Dyneema® SK75, a very durable fiber coated and waxed,  ideal  for  make your own DIY bowstrings
High strength.
Very low creep.
Uniform diameter from beginning to end of the spool.
Waxed with specially formulated wax for better manipulation when assemble the strings or twist flemish style.
Waxed uniformly throughout the beginning to end of the spool.
High performance on any recurve bow or longbow . Bow limbs need to be compatible with modern fibers.
Great range of colors
Recommended strands  for recurve or longbows :  10 to 16 strands
Recommended strands for crossbows : 28 to 34 strands
250 meters spools ( enough for made more than 10 strings for 68" bow and 14 strands )
Manufactured under ISO 9001
100% European product.
Highly recommended for intermediate-competition level bows.