Booster XT 31.1 Camo Compound Bow

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The Compound Booster XT 31.1 is the best choice for archers of all ages, strengths and sizes.
It is also suitable for all those who are still growing and are looking for a bow that can be adjusted and thus grows with them, so to speak.
The adjustment possibilities are very wide.
Draw lengths from 19 to 30 inches and poundages from 15 to 60 pounds and all this easily without a bow press.

But Booster XT 31.1 offers even more very good features that make it really interesting and a big difference to other bows in this price range:

Extension adjustment modules
Pocket in metal, not in plastic as usual in this price range
Cables and strings in Fast Fight with serving protection on the string in the area of the string stopper and on the cables in the area of the cable deflector.
The bow is completely equipped with a string stopper to minimise vibration.