Feather Vision FX Vitri Lens

Feather Vision
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The Verde Vitri is the newest development from Feather Vision in the Verde line of industry leading glass lenses.
Working closely with the engineers at Zeiss we’ve been able to elevate the performance of the original Verde design.
The advanced Verde Vitri design combines superior Zeiss supplied glass using specifically designed and proprietary curve structures similar to the Verde Plus.
The Verde Vitri is finished to the highest standards and comes compleate with one of the best Zeiss anti-reflective coatings on the planet.
Utilizing complete in-house Zeiss processes ensures the highest quality product available.
The specific coatings used for the Vitri lens are exeptionally durable, easy to clean, hydrophobic, oleo phobic, anti-static, and boast a light transmission of 99.98%.
This is an exceptional choice for the archer looking for high performance for all archery formats including low light, long distance, or higher powers.