Magnus Bow Pod

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Magnus Outdoor Products introduces the Magnus Bow-Pod, the compound bow bipod system designed for bowhunters and target shooters.
The Magnus Bow-Pod is the perfect accessory for use in ground blinds as well as on the line at 3D shoots to keep your bow upright, out of the mud, and ready for action!

Weighing in at less than 4 ounces of machined aircraft-grade aluminum, the Bow-Pod is  fully adjustable, versatile, and fits conveniently to any bow on the market.
This device works in tandem with any stabilizer out there, but can just as easily be used without a stabilizer attached.

When you leave the field, simply unscrew the legs from the Bow-Pod base and screw together to form one solid rod (just like an arrow).
Store them safely away in your quiver and they’ll be ready for the next trip when you are.

So whether you’re after big game trophies, or tournament trophies, you can rely on the Magnus Bow-Pod to keep your most important tool safe, secure, and ready at a moment’s notice to get the job done!

Hands-free hunting.

Avoid having your bow stepped on.
Nocked arrow always in the ready position.
Shoot with legs on or off.
Use with or without your old stabilizer.
Great for Ground Hunting & 3D shoots.
Fully Adjustable
Legs store in quiver.
Fits on every bow.
Machined aluminum