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The BowPlane combines the latest in laser and fiber optic technology to produce the most advanced bow and accessory alignment system ever.
The BowPlane conveniently nocks onto your bowstring and sits on your arrow rest just like a normal arrow (no need to remove sights or do anything else).
When activated, the BowPlane projects a visible reference plane or “sheet” of laser light, 360° around the inside perimeter of your bow – up and down the bowstring, along the cams and/or idler wheels, upper and lower limbs, rest and sight pins too.
This enables you to quickly adjust not only centershot on your rest, but you can also set windage on your sight pins, and you can check for cam lean all at the same time!
This eliminates the need to “eyeball” when initially setting up your bow and also provides a quick and easy way to double check your setup anytime, anywhere... whether in the middle of competition or out in the field.
The BowPlane gets your bow and accessories working together in perfect alignment to give you greater accuracy, especially at longer distances.
The BowPlane -- it’s complete bow alignment, all in one easy step!
Now with integrated bow square for precision nock alignment!

Operates on four AAAA batteries. Not Included.

Double Take Bowplane Laser Tuning Device

Double Take