Kinetic Valenz 25" Riser

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The Valenz is a forged riser from 6061 aluminum weighing in at 1220g, fitted with a wooden grip which makes this riser very comfortable.
The high level of detail in this riser is unmatched in this price range.
With striking deep grooves in the riser, finished in 8 different anodized colors and on top of that the tillerbolts are color matched!
The possibility to ad weights or damper below the grip.
Accepts ILF limbs and features a limb alignment system, so you can tune the bow to your liking.
Length: 25"
Weight: 1200grams
Machined forged riser
Limb alingement system
Available in 8 anodized colors
Polished finish
Engraved details
Wooden grip