W&W WiaWis Inno CXT 23" Riser

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Unique design optimising carbon
The CXT riser has been in production for many years and has been a very popular riser winning medals at all levels.
The CXT carbon riser has had successful entry into the market and over time has proved its stability being used by archers worldwide, where aluminum risers were mainstream.
With carbon features that minimize impact and vibration reduction, the weight control system at the bottom of the grip can be easily adjusted for any archers.
It is perfect for men, women, juniors and masters of all levels, available in 23”, 25” and 27” riser lengths and weight is adjustable so you can customize the weight to fit your desire with side weight control system.
A light version of the size range is also available at 1070g, 1150g an 1210g respectively.
It is still widely used by Olympic level athletes.
Length: 23"
Weight: 1120g (Light: 1070g)
Material: Nano Carbon