W&W WiaWis Meta DX 25" Riser

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Meta riser is made of graphene carbon which is the best carbon material of Wiawis.
It improves the shock resistance caused by shooting and therefore minimises unnecessary movement, resulting in improved arrow grouping.
Better torque free construct In addition, Special Steel has been inserted to assist in the reduction of vibration and torsion caused when force is transferred form the bow limbs.
The Mathews EHS dampening system has been introduced to improve stability of the shoot feeling, accuracy of the bow and ultimately arrow grouping.
Meta DX features are functionally upgraded with ground breaking structural design.
The special design of the Meta DX riser adapts materials developed by Wiawis technology maximizing accuracy and stability at the moment of shooting.
Length: 25"
Weight: 1340g
Material: Graphene/Nano Carbon