MK Archery MK S 25" Riser

MK Archery
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Designed as optimal structure:
MK S is designed as an optimal structure with the data collected through many shooting tests by Engineers of M.K Archery.
To use the high strength 7075 aluminum:
The 7075 aluminum, the main raw material of MK S has high durability.
It is a proper material to make riser because it is not easily twisted or modified.
To apply NC accurate manufacturing process:
The thickness, weight and angle that may occur minute differences are processed in several steps through the NC accurate manufacturing process to make the riser accurate.
To apply center identification system:
The MK S is the first riser that applied with the center identification system.
The optimized grip:
The grip developed through repeated tests create a center-focused point of force, it allows your shoulder to hold the riser more comfortably and to take a stable position.

Only ILF Riser
Length: 25″
Material: Aluminum 7075
Weight: 1,320g