Spigarelli Elbow Harness for Training

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The elbow pad is undoubtedly a useful tool both during training and learning of the technical movement phases and as a tool to warm up before training or competition.

The SPIGA elbow pad has to be worn with the three holes toward the outside of the elbow, facing a possible coach looking at the athlete.
To make it fit the elbow you simply adjust the internal elastic band.
You can use it with an elastic band attached to the supplied karabiner (in particularduring training and warm up).
In alternative you can use it to check the position of the string arm elbow thanks to the small diameter elastic band included in the package.
You attach it to the middle hole to check the heigth of the elbow, or you attach it to the upper hole to check the elow alignment with the hand and arrow.

In any case it is better to have the supervision and help of a coach at least during the first sessions.