Spot Hogg Swap Edge Rest

Spot Hogg
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The Edge Swap is the FIRST fully micro-adjustable, target arrow rest on the market to include a quick detach feature.
Utilizing all of the features you loved about the Edge, The SWAP technology gives the archer the ability to install, tune, remove, and re-attach the rest all while maintaining perfect accuracy and repeatability.
Being able to remove the rest, or easily swap between different bodies provides a number of highly favorable opportunities that, until now, have never been possible.
While impossible to list all of its applications, the list below offers a quick look at some of the truly revolutionary opportunities the Edge Swap provides.
Quick Detach Body
Self Locking Vertical Micro Adjust
Self Locking Horizontal Micro Adjust
Micro-Click Adjustable Blade Angle
Lockdown launcher with no bearing or bushing play
Self centering, easy to replace blades
Hard Sided Travel Case