Hot Shot Vapor 4-Finger Thumb Release

Hot Shot
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The Vapor is designed with the bowhunter in mind who wants a handheld release without all the bells and whistles.
Also suitable for the 3-D course, no quality was sacrificed to reach the affordable price point.
Pure trigger crispness, silence, and overall simplicity make the Vapor a natural choice for bowhunters who insist on a top quality release.
Fully adjustable trigger tension.
Auto-close hook, with no cocking mechanism.
Complete silence during the hook up, and at the shot.
Match grade trigger crispness for improved accuracy.
Cat’s Eye hook design ensures a torque free release from the D-loop.
Multi-Axis thumb barrel rotation ensures unlimited adjustment for perfect fit in your hand.
Extra handle strength, thanks to our exclusive 2-Thirds case design.
Additional surface area at the fingers reduces finger fatigue, even after hours of shooting.