Hamskea InSight Short Draw Peep Housing

  • Beschrijving

The InSight™ Peep Short Draw (SD) version utilizes a 52º string groove housing that provides patented anti-glare technology.
Never before has a peep sight been specifically designed with the short draw shooter in mind.
Our new specialized Short Draw version utilizes a 52° string groove to expand on an already dominating line so that no archer will need to compromise their accuracy.
The increased string angle makes our InSight™ Short Draw Peep ideal for shooters with a shorter draw length who might otherwise struggle to get their peep to sit parallel with the arrow at full draw.
Weighing in at only 14 grains, our InSight™ Short Draw Peep Housing has light baffles on the inside of the housing to eliminate glare.
This all-metal housing has a string angle of 52°.