Booster XH 30.1 Compound Bow Package

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The Booster XH 30.1 compound bow is the ideal choice for many archers, thanks to its adjustable double cam.
It offers a wide range of draw lengths from 26 to 30 inches without the need for a draw press.

Draw Weight 60#.

But the Booster XH 30.1 has additional features that make it really interesting and able to make a difference compared to other products in this price range:

use of modules for length adjustment
Metal instead of plastic pockets
fast flight cables and strings with re-stretching servos at the points where the string hits the damper and the cables slide into the cable divider.
Included in the package are

5 pin hunting sight
rest biscuit
hunting stabiliser
rope damper
peep with elastic
bending dampers
index release
Allen kit
N.B. not all accessories are already fitted to the bow.