Axcel Accutouch Accustat II HD 5-Pin Sight

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This sight features an AXCEL® Accutouch elevation slider bar.
Pick it. Click it. Stick it!
Patented Accu-Clicks™ make this state-of-the-art single pin slider sight function like a multi-pin sight.
Set each Accu-Click™ at a specific distance (i.e. 20yards, 30 yards, etc.) so that the slider will stop where you want it.
Simply “Pick” your distance, “Click” it into place, and “Stick” your target!
A 45 degree rear-facing sight scale allows easy recognition of where the sight pointer is set. When teamed with Accu-Clicks™, the archer can easily set their sight from an arm’s length away!
The AccuTouch sight brings new technology to the sight market with an adjustable red elevation tension lever that provides the archer with their own personal choice of how easily the sight slides along the elevation bar.
AccuTouch sights feature all axis leveling capabilities from the first axis adjustment where NO shims are needed to the ever popular and separate 2nd and 3rd axis leveling on the head of the scope attachment!
Push button windage lock. When engaged, it does not allow the micro-adjustable windage knob to turn.