Tru Ball Ultimate Flex Release

Tru Ball
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The Ultimate Flex from T.R.U. Ball® has the fastest firing mechanism with no cocking bar!
Activated by the bow draw weight, instantly fires the release when touching the trigger, in comparison with delayed cocking bar firing mechanisms where in spring power is required to begin the sequence of events, opening one sear and then another before finally opening the front gate/jaw to fire shot.
MDL: Micro-Adjustable Draw Length
Quickly and easily shorten or lengthen the release head, which instantly provides a faster or slower shot sequence when pulling on the back wall of the bow draw cycle.
TSHS (Tri-Star Hook System): Added magnet automatically resets, ready to shoot shot after shot.
Hardened Stainless steel Tri-Star Sear
EGH (Ergo-Fit Handle Technology): Tapered finger scallop surfaces located on sides of release.
For a superior ergonomic Handle.
Patent Pending
Adjustable 3-Axis Knurled thumb trigger.
Ultimate Flex adds weight with half brass half aluminum